CBD Nootropics

Having a healthier alternative to mental focus without having to use caffeine, having fast acting nootropics is what makes the difference when you need to be at your best. Trying to get rid of that rough 2:30 feeling, you need a place that you can turn to which has the experience to show what is the best…..we are glad to help. 😁

Nootropic Source

We all know that nootropics can greatly increase mental focus however not all nootropics are created equal. Where the ingreindents are sourced, that is where quality starts and how effective that product will be.

Not all are created equal, to think that would be a mistake and I have a feeling that you visited this weekend to limit making those mistakes.

Natural Nootropics

Many brands claim to have all natural products, really only the natural derived ingredients hold the key to better mental focus.

While we are taking about that, it is only far to introduce one ingredient that which has been widely underused because of legal restrictions but as time changes, so does the laws and the ability to use these products for our advantage.

What am I referring too? CBD isloate and nootropics

Natural Nootropics in Food

Some foods can hold the proper elements to having improved mental clarity along with earth grown elements.

Natural products beats man made any day a of the week event though the process of getting these natural elements is a man made process, the product itself is still from the earth and that is where we reap the benefits.

CBD as a Nootropic is a Surprising Brain Booster Powerhouse

Talking about earth grown elements that help keep you at your peak from nootropics, we have to mention one of the latest legalized healthy and which is CBD. The benefits of CBD is often a misunderstood because of the media and the hype they through around it.

With that said, e took it upon yourselves to do a large number of tests in which have show great results with helping with mental clarity.

From someone who has taken nootropics for over the past ten years, I woke up one day having an epiphany that what if I added CBD isolate to the current nootropic I was using? 

So I did and the results were great, in fact, for over a year’s time I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to keep this super power to myself however, I good friend told me that I should open and up, share my experiences with the world so here we are.

The voice of experience

I was once like you are most likely, searching the internet looking for the best product or way to knock that fatigue out of my life and we both know that isn’t the easiest thing so when I say “voice of experience” it comes with a story. One that could help stop what happen to me, happen to you. 

Over the the past ten years I searched and tested healthy alternatives at that nasty 2:30 feeling, whether it happened then or not, you know that feeling.

The experience comes from what happened to me so if you are interested I did take the time to tell this story, check out our about us section for more, one thing I can tell you is this is on story you don’t want to miss.

Honestly, out of everything that I have lived through and the things that I have seen in my life, I should right a book but lukily for you, i decided to make one of the best products on the market….😂

About ViCalm CBD

A Company Made To Help

ViCalm may just sound like a name to you and the truth of it is that it would beside that fact that we were built by consumers for consumers so we stay with the consumer’s best interest at heart.

Call it proper timing if you will, in the minced of one of the roughest times of my life I ended up founded ViCalm because it has always been a “No-Bs what does it take” way of business and I felt it was time to share what I learned.

Building ViCalm was an easy decision for me because if there is one thing I learned from my 39 years of life, it is that we should always give to the world without the intent of receiving. This way you are never disappointed if your gift isn’t received well, it sounds weird I know but let me explain.

I am sure that there is something that has happened to you in your life that could help someone if you shared it, and you wouldn’t expect anything in return right? Of course not.

In business, it is the same way to an extent however in the instance of ViCalm, I not only have over ten years with nootropics and health, I found several products that helped me. Even a few that I made myself that I plan on sharing with the world once I have case studies behind them to so my personal experience and that of others.

Stay Up To Date With CBD Nutrition and Nootropics

Most companies have an email list for you to jump on which creates a one direction conversation, not us….we have a custom chatbot to help spread information, discounts, and engage with everyone so I hope you get to know how customer driven we are here at ViCalm.

The ViCalm CBD Difference

When it comes to quality that is what we strive to do, not only in the quality of the CBD or the taste of our products but in our customer service and the way we care about our customers.

In my personal opinion, the value of a customer is often overlooked for most companies but not for ViCalm CBD.

We know that with every comment, every like, every share, with every one on one chat that there is a future of the business. It’s true that a business starts with an idea, with a team and with effort but the most important part is the service that the business provides it’s customers.

So our first goal is the educate you on two things that matter the most to us.

CBD and Nootropics 

Both industries are widely known in their own rights with their own independent audiences and fans. The funny thing about this is that hardly anyone has introduced both of these audiences together to see what great things can happen.

That is until now when we introduce the world’s first pre-mixed nootropic that has CBD isolate in it.

Combining the only the best of both worlds always you to get the best from both worlds, enhanced cognitive function when you need it while building healthy happy brain cells to boost up the old you.

The old you that used to be able to work 16 hours and still remember mom’s favorite meal.

The old you that could remember anything at anytime while staying super busy on the next big thing you that you were about to create.

Even if this wasn’t you and you never had issues with cognitive function or nerves around groups of people, this is prevent you from every getting to this point. Increasing the sharpness that you already have, taking something good and making it great.


Which is something that I have personally used for over ten years, from companies like Onnit and Bulletproof.

These are staple brands that I have basically learn the ways of the nootropic world while taking the best of both then mixing the theories together for one amazing product that easily stands by itself as a leader.

I had an epiphany about two years ago when Onnit ran out of stock and I was forced to use a brand I found on Amazon, that brand was Mental Mojo which later I found out was full of caffeine and wasn’t a true nootropic.

This left a sour taste in my mouth literally so I decided to come up with my own brand.

CBD Products

This is something that I didn’t just jump on board with, it took time, it took research, it took me seeing and experiencing it for myself before I even started to believe in th natural healthing properties in CBD products.

As a marketing and automation specialist at heart, I went to help a my at the time for her launch of a product. This was at the USA CBD Expo in Miama Florida in 2019 where I got to see a wide range of great products and wide range of fake products.

This is where I found my calling if I may say, I found a huge opportunity in the market to help people….yes help people. 

With what?

With solving the propblem of mental concetration and with exetreme healing properties for so many things that it is unreal, I’m not making claims by no means because everyone is different but for my this one product has been a game changer for me having the edge in my life and career.


Doing Right By Nootropics With CBD Isolate


Whether you are a die-hard fan and user of standard brain enhancers to improve conginitive function or you are an avid CBD users for all of the great healing properties of this earth grown gift….you owe it to yourself to try our new product coming out in the late 2019 early 2020.

This will be in two user-friendly package types that we made for those on the go and for those that like to stay ready.

We have a tub of this pre-mixed blend in two different CBD levels, the 250mg per tub and the 500mg per tub.

Then we have my favorite which is the pocket pack for those on the go people just like me, this pre-mixed pocket pack is an easy mix with your favorite drink and go solution. This is coming in one CBD level because if you need more then just mix another pack for a double shot of enhanced abilty.

Frequently Asked Questions


Let ViCalm CBD Answer The Need To Knows!

What is CBD?

It’s compound of the cannabis, or hemp, this plant that has inflammatory, analgesic and neuro-protectant qualities. It is extracted from the main product of the hemp plant which does not have a THC content.

Note: No Product at ViCalm contains any THC and has been tested. 

Is CBD Safe?

Yes CBD is safe as a product to use with great added nutrients that have been hidden from our diets for years because of regulations, however, those laws have been lifted based on the truth of the matter coming out in many different walks of light.

I actually take two different types of CBD products, one to help me sleep and one to help my stay focused.

What is the cost of CBD?

The cost of CBD varies based on potency and quantity.

The compound of the oil also plays an important role in deciding the cost of CBD.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are dietary supplements built to safely optimize cognition by manipulating cognitive functions in the brain. They help the brain operate more efficiently by filling in the gaps in our cognitive functions.

Are Nootropics Safe for you?

Nootropics can be good for various aspects of human cognition depending on the ingredients, ingredient dosage, ingredient quality and your unique cognitive functions.

However, overall, nootropics are good for healthy individuals who are careful about ingredients, dosage and taking them as directed. 

Are Nootropics a Placebo?


Nootropics have proven their effects against placebos time and time again.

But as with most answers, this doesn’t include all nootropics.

In reality, the effects you experience will depend on the ingredients in your chosen supplement and the quality of these ingredients.

Being careful about the ingredients in your nootropic of choice, you can easily avoid placebo effects altogether.