About ViCalm CBD

Welcome to ViCalm, we are here to help, here to assist, here to build a better future with health & mental clarity. Started to the right reasons in the hardest times to make sure we are a great gift to the world, one that can put our customers first while allowing them to drive our success. With that said, thank you 😁

Our ViCalm Story 

ViCalm was founded in a time when customer service was what we feel just about forgotten, founded for the right reasons which at the core is having proper mental cognitive function along with clarity and being the real you again. 

Started with a thought made taking little steps everyday to make sure the journey was one to remember so we give the very best in quality of products and quality of service.

One vision that sat on the table and almost never happened because of set back after set back but like anything, all great things take time to make. If you are a person who enjoys nootropics or CBD then you will be very interested to hear our story so let’s get to it.


The Thought That Started it

It’s only fair to start from the beginning to give you a solid understanding of why we care so much, why our outlook is to provide the best. See, I was an electrical engineer about 15 years ago extremely working long hours which by human nature is almost impossible so I got on an addictive caffeine habit.

This was around the time when 5-hour energy came out so they were at every store and seemed so convenient which made it easy to pick up a few for the day and just keep on. At the time, I had a family with 4 kids so failure was not an option, I think most of us can relate to that.

Working everyday of the month but two days and those days were anywhere from 12 to 16 hours. Which allowed me to provide a great life for my family but little did I know this continuous pattern would eventually lead to me falling out at work…..not just passing out….something slightly more serious.

This was a big place so we had bike to get around, I quickly jumped on the bike to go from one area to another and when I did, I started to get dizzy and passed out on the bike. Which at first sounds funny but the bike was in full motion so it kept going hit a roll up door and flipping the bike over on top of me…..this knocked me completely out.

Which led to a crowd being around me asking me what day of the week it was, what my name was, did I know was I was. I thought oh my, here we go so I answered the questions but then was forced to see a doctor that was appointed by the company I worked for which turns out to be where things went down hill.

The said I had epilepsy….😒


This was a complete shock to me which was something that could have been a career ending instance because I had to work around electricity for my job as an electrical engineer.

So I got a second opinion after a few weeks off work and turns out, I only had high blood pressure which was derived from drinking 4 5-hour energy drink a day for over one year.


When I found Nootropics

After this accident I was forced to take medicine everyday for what I was told would be the rest of my life, of course I knew better so I started educating myself on what caused this accident.

What I could do to fix this situation while at this time in my life I watch the UFC quite a bit and Joe Rogan being someone who called to fights but what I learned was much more important.

He was a co-owner of a nootropics company which made me research what nootropic were and how they could help me.

Turns out that adding nootropics to my daily pattern saved my life in a since because it gave me the concentration, the mental clarity, the ability to stay at my mental peak all day and the best part is that it contained zero caffeine, zero risks of what caused my high blood pressure.

Long story short, two years later I no longer drank 5-hour energy drinks, I replaced that with nootropic capsules which is all that anyone had at this point in time. And again, two years later I was no longer taking blood pressure medicine because it was completely normal.

Now, this wasn’t all from nootropics, it was from exercise as well but having the focus and mental will to doing that exercise was from the mental push that the nootropics gave me.

The get up and go mental ability to push through the day when that crazy 2:30 feeling came or there was a task that I really didn’t feel up to par for like meetings or computer programming. Remember, I am still an engineer at heart to as crazy as that sounds, I enjoy taking nothing and making work to benefit the world.

This again, started 15 years ago.


My Introduction to CBD 

Later in life as I still worked as an electrical engineer, I always was eager to learn and find inspiration in all sorts of different ways. I started watching TedX talks on YouTube on free time to open my mind to different ideas on whatever the topic the TedX talk was about. 

About a year and a half into watching TedX talks and such, I noticed that there was going to be one in my home town where I lived so I talked to my wife and we decided to attend to see what it was like, the topic of this event was autonomy. This was right around the time when Uber first came out to give you a better timeline this event took place.

Little did I know that this one event would shift my life in so many ways, one of the first speakers was Jay Sammit which is someone you may know from his book Disrupt You!

He talk that day sat deep with me because he was talking about how quick and easy things can shift which could leave you without a job just like that…..one day you go to work and everything seems fine then the next, you have been replaced with an automated version of yourself that can do the hob more effectively.

Of course, this did not worry me from loosing my career from being replace as much as it did that I was a one trick pony….yep…I only had the one skill which was being an electrical engineer. 


My Meeting With Jay Sammit

Later that very day I saw Jay sitting at a local diner eating by himself and I figured at the very least I should stop and thank him for such an eye opening talk. Little to my surprise is that I would get to sit down and talk with him for over an hour which led me to making a decision of finding a better way, making a better future for my family.

From that day I started into my digital marketing career, lucky for me when I was watching all those TedX YouTbe videos I would see marketing videos ads from time to time and one of those was a program called OMG with Greg Morrison. This was a very costly program but one that would be well worth every penny.


Fast Forward 5 Years

As I was making create progress in digital marketing from what I was learning and implementing from OMG, they happen to have a live event in Nashville Tennessee that year which was no where close to me but thought that if I was going to make this happen then I needed to attend.

I talked to my wife and she was so supportive so I went.

Turns out that this very event was one of the greatest live event that OMG ever had and to this day, I don’t believe that they have had another quite that good. I say this because of the digital marketing talent that was there, from the people to the speakers, this was a game changer for me.


The Event That Led Me To CBD

Later I would have a client of mine who was launching a CBD product at anevent so I went to support the launch services and prouct they had, at this time I knew nothing of the benefits of CBD.

Wlaking through the event I spent a lot of time learning and trying the products they had.

This led me to meet Tony from Limitless CBD where we got to talking and hit it off exetremely well, mainly because we saw things the same way when it comes to business….the customer first!

As we talked I introduced Tony to nootropics and he returned the favor of introducing me to CBD isloate, this was the birth of the greatest product to hit the market in several years in my opinion….ViCalm CBD’s Nootropic Pre-mix.

The rest is, as they say….history.


Would you like to get to know use better,then just message us below.